Hi! I’m Dava Stewart, the person behind the Smiling Tree. I’m a professional writer, ready to help with your project.

Why would you want to hire me instead of someone else? Because you need someone who is:

  • reliable – if you leave a message or send an email, you will get a timely reply.

  • the kind of person who does what she says she will do.

  • professional – an adult who communicates well.

  • creative – you need ideas and I’ve always got ideas. 

  • experienced – you don’t want to explain subject-verb agreement, and you won’t need to.

  • happy – who wants to work with a grouch?

If we work together you can expect:

  • to work with someone with a degree in English, with a concentration in writing. You won’t have to explain how to use a style manual.

  • copy that conveys the tone and voice you need, whether it is the voice of your client, an objective journalistic tone, or your own voice.

  • clear, concise copy that makes complex information accessible.

  • fresh ideas, creative angles, and a willingness to revise as needed.

Besides being a professional copywriter, I’m interested in how the publishing industry is changing, gardening, the ways that successful people set and reach goals, social media, beekeeping, and about 1,000 other things. Ready to get to work? Give me a call at 423-463-0681, or send an email to dava@smilingtreewriting.com.


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