The Battle

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Just about every week feels like a battle: me versus the work week. If I win, every task on the to-do list is marked through, the house smells clean, I have attained a new client or a new assignment, there is money for a bottle of wine and a book to read.

Duck Punch

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If the week wins, the to-do list has probably grown, all sorts of unexpected and unwelcome surprises have occurred and I’m doing well to continue drawing breath.

The ending of the war is definitely not a foregone conclusion. Unlike Charlie Sheen, I am not winning. Well, sometimes I’m winning. But not last week.

Last week kicked my ass. I ended the week battered, bruised and ready for a break. There were multiple unforeseen obstacles, emotional surprises, and ambushes my way. There were a few victories, but also several casualties including my patience, my clean kitchen floor, and momentarily, my hopeful outlook.

But that’s okay. Sometimes, it’s just fine to concede defeat and regroup your forces for a new attack. You just have to remember to get back out there and battle it out some more the next week.

One of my favorite pieces of business advice is to just keep showing up.  Your business is highly unlikely to grow and become more successful if you don’t get out of bed and get at it everyday. The people who say that Twitter/Facebook/email/blogging doesn’t work to bring in new business are usually people who make a half-hearted effort for a week or two, don’t see results and quit.

For a few minutes after the devastation last week wrought, I contemplated closing down Smiling Tree Writing in favor of a job at Bojangles. Then I remembered how much I hated working at Blockbuster. Bojangles would probably be even worse. No matter how many times the week kicks my ass, I will be back the next week to try again. Sometimes I will set up a stealth attack over the weekend while the week is napping.

Living is tough work. Working, parenting, loving, budgeting, home-owning, driving, shopping, cleaning, caring….all monumental tasks that we should be proud of ourselves for handling everyday.  Once in a while we all stumble, whether  we ‘fess up to it or not. The important part is regaining your balance, and getting back to work.




  1. Tough work indeed. Right there with ya.

    • Thanks, Stephanie. Regroup, recharge and go again.

  2. What’s going on that the week fell apart for you?

    • You know – the world. Financial stuff, work stuff, being married stuff…sometimes everything hits at once. At least, sometimes that happens to me!

  3. Yep, just keep showing up. One of my absolute favorite sayings is, “It”ll all be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.” Middles are complicated, but they can’t kill us. (And you can remind me of that the next time my car dies, eh?)

    • I can see why that’s one of your favorite sayings. Middles are hard. And, yes, I’m always here for a friendly reminder.

  4. Sorry it was a stinker of a week. Keep fighting the good fight, Dava!

    • Thanks, Jake. All words of encouragement are happily accepted and deeply appreciated!

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