Helping People Find Happiness

As I consider the people and businesses that are helping me imagine a better world, Gretchen Rubin immediately comes to mind.  Gretchen has a blog called The Happiness Project.  She writes about topics that resonate with me, and with lots of others as well–her blog is quite popular, as is her Facebook Fan Page, and hopefully as her upcoming book will be.  Gretchen even has a group of Super Fans who serve as beta testers for different projects such as Happiness Project Groups.

Most people probably reach a point in their lives when they look around and try to decide if they are happy or not.  The lucky among us don’t worry too much about it, they are usually content and feel good about their level of happiness.  Others have amazing focus and work to fashion their lives to an ideal, and so are happy.  Probably far more of us, however, who question decisions we’ve made and worry about wasting time or work at jobs we find unfulfilling or suffer through unhappy marriages.

Gretchen offers tips on things like How to Have a Good Bad Day, and has created a Resolutions Chart to help her track her progress on reaching her happiness goals.  She gives her discoveries interesting names like the Splendid Truths and the Secrets of Adulthood.  The first time I visited The Happiness Project, I added it to my RSS feed and have been hooked since.  If you aren’t familiar with Gretchen, prepare to be inspired.

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