Local Food

Food plays a big part in my thoughts about a better world.  This year, I joined a CSA program.  Most people have probably heard of CSAs or Community Supported Agriculture programs.  They have different requirements, but when you join, you pay for a share of a farm at the beginning of the season, then receive a share of the produce throughout the growing season.

I joined at the “half share” level, and for the farm I joined the price is around $400 for the year.  In return, I get a grocery bag of vegetables each week from May until October, either 24 or 26 weeks.  The farmer and I struck a barter deal, so I am not exactly a regular customer.  Also, the farmer is my neighbor, so I can drive past his beautiful fields anytime.  This CSA is a big one–I think around 100 families are members.  Some CSAs only allow for 15 or 20 members.  It is also a certified organic farm, which is nice to know.

The most outstanding factor is the TASTE.  I have never had such wonderful vegetables, including the ones I’ve grown myself.  Maybe my farmer is using exceptional seed or something, I don’t know, but the result is unbelievable.  The greens were crispy and green and now that it is the height of harvest season, the tomatoes, celery and carrots have the most tomato-y, carrot-y and celery-y flavors imaginable.  I am eating  much more raw food than normal, just so I can get the full taste of the veggies with no distractions.

Since this blog is about people and businesses that inspire me to imagine a better world, I have to include CSAs because in a perfect world, all food would be this good.  If there is a CSA farm near you, check into it.  The programs vary, the prices vary, the number of weeks produce is delivered varies, the payment options vary.  With all those variables, there might be a chance you could work fresh, local food into your life.

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