Working Motivates? Really? It Seems So.

Last week, a friend offered me some freelance work.  She needed a bunch of 250 word articles about general health, exercise, nutrition, fitness and the like.  I didn’t have too much going on last week so I wrote 20 or 25 of them.  After thinking so much about being healthy, I pretty much had to go to the gym on Monday morning.

The interesting thing was that, besides working out, writing all those articles made me want to write more.  So I wrote a couple of newsletters and a couple of proposals.  It’s been a productive week.

Then, after going to the gym at 6:15 am (the only time in my schedule on Mondays) I felt great. The workday went by quickly; I was in a good mood all day.  I even did a little yoga that evening.  So the writing encouraged me to exercise, and the exercise encouraged me to eat better and to relax. This seems to be a clear cut case of success breeding more success.  Or at least I hope that’s what’s going on.

In an effort to capitalize on all this inspiring productivity, I am going to set a few goals I would normally dismiss as too much. Hopefully, I will learn that the best way to find both inspiration and motivation is through doing.

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