Sometimes I do something expecting to feel motivated to work, but then find the opposite is true.  For instance, if I’m working on a writing project, sometimes reading an excellent example of similar writing just leaves me cold and I dread returning to my own project.  That isn’t always the case, but it does happen.  Many people are motivated by money, and although I like making money, thinking about that side of things sometimes makes me feel frozen instead of motivated.

Hearing stories about people who have overcome tremendous odds to do great things for others is both inspiring and intimidating.  Maybe the intimidation comes from the question “Would I be able react as generously in the same situation?” On the other hand, meeting people who are working slowly toward reaching their goals often serves as motivation, even if those people fall squarely in the “average” category.

I’ve always felt a sort of disdain for motivational speeches and books along with the similar category of inspirational cards and notes. It’s almost as if the notion that those things are designed to motivate and inspire brings out my stubborn streak–“Oh, you think you’re going to motivate me? Ha!” But then, talking to someone who is struggling, but still taking some action to better themselves, or their business or their life in general can be an extremely motivating experience.

I love reading the stuff at, and today the post is about motivation.  It’s called Johnny Talks About Motivation, and tells the story of how one man turned a do or die situation into a successful business.  I appreciate the story, and agree that desperation can indeed spur you to work harder than anything else to make your thing, whatever it is, succeed. But, I also agree with some of the folks who commented saying that wanting is better than needing in plenty of ways.  Desperation can lead you to abandon your good idea and go get a job at McDonald’s.  Desperation can lead to survival techniques instead of creative thinking. As Johnny mentions several times, that post is a thinker.

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