Lately I have had the opportunity to learn about several unusual subjects. Last weekend, I wrote 35 short articles about blushing.  I had no idea that there is a segment of the population that is horrified by blushing. I always thought it was sort of endearing. But it turns out that excessive blushing is a symptom of social anxiety disorder and there are people who really suffer due to their red cheeks. Once I started learning more about the condition writing the articles came pretty easily.

When I was a Spanish teacher, I searched for ways to make the dry grammar lessons more interesting.  Luckily for me, there are plenty of stories from various Hispanic cultures to supplement a Spanish curriculum.  But learning all those stories helped me think of all sorts of creative lessons that wove together the stories and vocabulary and grammar.

Each time I have an unusual writing assignment or need to research a new industry, I feel inspired to write.  Somehow, new knowledge seems to tap into my creativity.  Maybe the two go together for everyone.

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