Collaboration & Creativity

In college, especially when I was taking teacher-certification classes, I hated “group work.” Oh, the dreaded assigned teams. The disagreement. The wandering conversation that had no focus. The missed deadlines.  I thought for years that I was a loner and that I worked best alone. Now, I realize that it’s not true.

I love working with a team. Collaboration is exciting.  Even when I am working alone, I find myself creating my own little “teams” of trusted friends and advisers. Working with people who ignite my creativity and for each others’ is the key.

Several opportunities to collaborate with people I admire have come up lately, and I haven’t been as excited about writing as I am now for quite a while. Probably, it’s just my personality that makes working creatively with others so appealing to me, but it just seems to crack my brain wide open.

This Thanksgiving, along with being most grateful for a loving family, home and good health,  I am grateful to know smart, thoughtful people who are willing to work with me.

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