Dreaming Big

For as long as I have been an adult, I have enjoyed dreaming up ideas for businesses. I have thought of a clothing store, a laundry delivery service, a shoe store, of making jewelry, a book store, crocheting scarves and purses for a living, a grocery store, a custom poem service, a food co-op…the list could go on. At any given time, I have some “big idea” in mind. Although I have all these ideas and plans, I’ve never really followed through and done anything more than earn a little pocket money with any of my business ideas. Other people, though, have done a great job with some of my plans!

So far, writing has come the closest to being an actual business that will make enough profit to pay my way through the world. Knowing that, and being committed to it, hasn’t stopped me from dreaming about other possible enterprises, though.

And all that dreaming and planning and thinking about the best way to do things feels good to me. I like to picture what my cafe or bookstore would look like and what hours it would be open and how I would set up the bookkeeping system and how much all the essential equipment would cost altogether (including furniture, the exterior design, and of course, an ipod point of sale system for efficiency and customer satisfaction) and how I would market it and what my customers would be like. Maybe that’s why the game the Sims is so popular.

This time, my plan is to open a restaurant that serves breakfast. There are several (all successful) restaurants in my area, but only McDonald’s serves breakfast. I am absolutely positive that a restaurant serving homemade biscuits, fresh, high quality coffee, and food made with local ingredients as much as possible would be lucrative.

Whether or not I ever open such an establishment, I have sure had fun dreaming it up!

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