Smiling Tree Writing Lives!

Last Friday, my husband and I filed our 2009 tax return, and at the same time Smiling Tree Writing became an actual entity, recognized by the United States government. The goodness or badness of such recognition may be debatable, but the motivational power of that Employer Identification Number is not.

I’ve written here before about how many businesses I’ve planned and dreamed of owning. For the very first time, my business exists. The fact that it has a tax number means there is some expectation it will create measurable income.  Some expectations create pressure and stress, but not this one.

For the moment, I am taking great pleasure in figuring out how much I will have to save in order to pay taxes.

In the big picture this is a small step, and a meaningless one, too, unless I hustle and get some more work.  It’s the symbolism that is important right now, and I hope that the warm fuzzies I feel carry through in my voice and attitude and lead to some new accounts.

Thanks for sharing this journey, and I hope that you have a small, symbolic victory in your life as well!

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