Too Much To Do Can Be Good

Usually, I post something on this blog on Sunday or Monday. I’ve been busy. Having a long to-do list, and plenty of projects going on, motivates me – usually. Sometimes, the list can be overwhelming. But when the items on the list are the result of previous hard work and are (hopefully) going to lead to more (paid) work, having a long to-do list feels pretty good.

February brought two new regular monthly clients, several one-off type projects, a meeting with new friends and the solidification of a potentially profitable partnership. Oh, and a couple of new personal goals related to health and exercise.  Whew. No wonder I’m late with this post.

The new clients are a result of doing a good job, plain and simple. The first knew I’d done some work for someone she knew and trusted so hired me. She was happy enough in the first two weeks to give me a referral that resulted in the second client. It’s true: the best marketing plan is to keep your clients happy.

For the moment, it all feels good. I want to maintain a strict writing schedule and continue adding clients. The work itself is the motivation. Eventually, it will probably reach a breaking point, but hopefully by that time, I will have earned enough to take a vacation. (Yet another motivation.)

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