Just Another Month – of Wonderfulness

At first glance, the last few weeks have been ordinary, run-of-the-mill, normal weeks. Upon closer consideration the last month or so has just been packed with one good reason followed by another to keep doing what needs to be done and wearing a smile.

Here are just a few of the things that have motivated and inspired me lately:

Good friends I don’t see often came to visit and looked really happy. Online and phone conversations can only go so far in reassuring me that everything really is okay. Seeing four tired but happy kids and two smiling adults did the trick.

I’ve met a couple of people in the past month, both through my writing business. One I would already call a friend and another has plenty of “friend potential.” For the last two years or so, opening and expanding my social circle has been a personal goal, so having two new friends feels pretty good.

I’ve had writing work to do. A few days ago, Naomi Dunford wrote a post on Ittybiz about the difference between hungry people and starving people. Even though I sometimes complain about the constraints of a 9-5 job and dream about the day I can work when and where I want, that job allows me to be hungry. It’s good to have a steady thing, and that is probably the reason I fall in the “hungry” category.

Today, my nearly-grown-child agreed to go for a walk/jog with me. And that was really cool because neither of my kids ever go with me even though I ask almost everyday. But she went and insisted I try skipping instead of jogging. Is it possible to skip and not feel happy? Her energy and exhuberence is a gift to the world.

Spring is here. Every year, as the fields start to turn a dazzling, emerald green, then the color starts to creep upward until the trees are lush and green, too, I feel something inside relax. It’s as if a tightly coiled spring in me begins to loosen. The windows are open to spring breezes, coats are back in closets and ahhhhhhh…..

I have stuff to learn. Obviously, there is always stuff to learn. Having a reason to learn is great motivation, though. An immediate way to apply whatever it is you’re learning helps cement your skills. At the moment, I have plenty of skills to acquire and sharpen.

All of this makes it sound like the past month or so has just been breezy for me. But really, it’s pretty much been a garden variety month with normal ups, downs and flats. The difference is being attuned to and appreciative of the good stuff. There will surely be bad days ahead – but just as surely, more good stuff will happen.

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