Random Thoughts About Rough Days

Everyone has rough days. It’s part of living, and it makes things interesting – if every day was pleasant, we wouldn’t appreciate them as much. Have a string of crappy days and when the fog lifts and you feel better, you’ll savor the sweetness all the more.  But it’s tough to remember that during the yukky times.

There are ways to deal with bad days – you can try doing a good deed or taking a walk or making a list to logically deal with whatever is going on. Taking action is another good way to handle an issue that is bothering you.

Often worry can color our days. If your finances are constantly ticking away in the back of your mind, it can certainly make getting through your day harder. Worry can make us short with people or make us miss small, beautiful details.

Doing some small thing to improve your situation even a little can help. I always dread paying bills and sometimes go for days worrying about remembering to do it.  Taking the five minutes necessary to pay a bill makes me feel better simply because I no longer have to think about doing it.

Sometimes, though, nothing works and a bad day just continues to be bad. Part of the problem is attitude, no doubt. Once you’re convinced it’s a bad day, you are more likely to notice negative statements, events, feelings and so on.

It’s interesting when one member of a family is having a bad day. If everyone else feels good sometimes they can cheer up the one having a bad day. Unfortuneately, it works the other way too – one member can make the others feel worse.  I can’t count the times one member of our family has been in a bad mood and changed the way everyone else was feeling and interacting.

Lately, I’ve been trying to remember to think about the big picture when one of us is having a bad day. Will we remember this bad day in five years? Or even in a few months?  Sometimes it helps; sometimes it doesn’t.

Do you have a good way of dealing with a bad day or do you just hunker down and let it pass?

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