Time & Money

The two biggest excuses we utter: “I just don’t have the time,” and “If I had the money….”. I’m guilty of letting the words cross my lips, and you probably are, too.

Not having enough time is probably the more common of the two, depending on what you are talking about. We are all busy, all the time. When was the last time you hung around with someone who was not busy, but was completely relaxed and calm? They do exist and most of us are lucky to know one or two of these easy going people. My husband is one of those rare individuals who is not in a hurry.

The fact is “I don’t have time” is a myth when it comes to not having time to work on things that are important to you. If you really want to be healthier, you have time to exercise. If you want to start a business, you have time to work on it even if you have a full time job. The people in your life are likely your highest priority and you better start making time for them if you aren’t already.

In fact, there’s an old cliché: “All you have is time.” And it’s true. When you boil it all down, time is the one thing that you really do have.

Please don’t think that I am unaware of the necessity to make a living. I am all too aware. However, you still have time. My friends at Chattarati all work full time and yet created, demanded, made, squeezed-in time to build this amazing news outlet. People do amazing things everyday with the same sorts of time limits you are facing.

Figure out what you really want to do and what you are really willing to do, then stop whining about not having enough time and do it.

The same is true of money. I’ve never had an “adequate” amount of money. Have you? Does anyone you know think they have enough money?

Barring honest-to-goodness poverty, which is an entirely different topic, most of us do, indeed, have enough money. Even when the wolves are metaphorically at the door, most people can still eat and still have adequate shelter.

Maybe because of conditioning or ambition or who-knows-what, this one is harder for me to internalize and apply to day to day life. I’ve wasted entirely too much time worrying about money. But the truth is, I have enough money to eat, to stay warm, even some spare to feed a few pets.

I’ve always joked with my laid-back husband, “It’s just money. We can always earn more.” It’s true, too. As long as I am healthy, I’ll be able to work and earn money. Maybe not through glamorous or fabulous labor, but still, we aren’t in danger of starving. And today, it’s easier than ever to make a little extra money on the side. You can even do it by taking surveys online, as seen on the Money Talks News website. As I say, practically anyone can do it!

Money can be frustrating for a whole separate set of reasons than time. If you have a family, there are other people to consider – summer camp and sports might take on far more importance than you ever dreamed. You may value education and it is prohibitively expensive. Maybe travel is important to you and you can’t quite come up with a way to fund it.

In the end, all of those things are just that: things. And they are not what is really important. Relationships are important. Other people. Working on something that feels good is important, even if you don’t get paid to do it. Let go of the notion that you don’t have enough time. Stop worrying about money. Use the time you have and take care of the relationships in your life, do good things that feel right.

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