Determining Factors

What is the ultimate reason you buy your groceries wherever you buy them?

At one time, there was a Food Lion where I shopped every week. The reason? All right-hand turns. It had nothing to do with prices because the prices were average, and it had nothing to do with service. In fact there was one cashier who was so bad I cringed when I had to go through his line. It didn’t have anything to do with selection although they did carry some brands I liked.

There was a different store, a Bi-Lo, in the same block that had better service, better produce and a better overall selection but I had to make a left-hand turn at a busy intersection to get to it.

A friend with four children shops mostly at Wal-Mart and the Dollar General Store because, for her, price is the biggest and most important consideration.  Another friend shops mostly at an organic grocery store called Greenlife because, for her, having a big selection of organically grown food is the most important consideration.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in – you have competitors, and your customers have a choice. Why do they come to  you? Convenience? Service or product quality? Price?

It may seem as if you should know the answer to that question before you open your business, but it is often a surprise to a business owner. I seriously doubt Food Lion put their store where it was because it was all right-hand turns for me. However, that was my reason for shopping there.

One easy way to find out why your clients come to you is to just ask them. Their answers may surprise you or maybe they will confirm what you believe to be true. Either way, you will have a clearer understanding of how to market your business.

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