Are You Still In Business?

If you cringe when you hear the phrase “online marketing strategy” this post is for you. The fact that some slimy salespeople or as they like to call themselves, “gurus,” use the phrase doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Some business owners are beginning to invest money in online advertising, as they should by either using companies like this Spark Outbound lead generation or figuring out what they need to do themselves to push on their online advertising. But, it’s a good idea to have some kind of plan when you are investing your company’s money in anything, including marketing.

Whether you call it a plan or a strategy doesn’t matter, but having an idea of why you are doing the things you are doing is essential. Thinking about where you are going to market can provide you with a map forward much like a to-do list. Start your plan with just one or two marketing activities – a blog and a Facebook Page, for example, or an email newsletter and a regular feature on your site. You don’t have to – and shouldn’t – try to do everything at once. You will want to judge the effectiveness of each piece of your plan. If you’re really unsure about where to start with marketing, there are companies that can help you out. By contacting this marketing company Hull, for example, businesses can benefit from a marketing strategy that will help them to grow their business and achieve more customers. Online marketing is so important for many companies to get their names out there and increase brand awareness, so make sure you’re promoting your business.

Besides deciding which forms of marketing you are going to use on which platforms, you should also consider how you want different types of marketing to work together. For online marketing, the idea is to have everything directing traffic back to your own web site. This can do wonders for your search engine ranking, as the more traffic you have, the higher you will place. Of course, enlisting the help of somewhere like Metric Labs – SEO Sydney Agency can provide you with their expertise when it comes to making sure that your search engine optimization is to the highest of standards so that more people will gain a better understanding of what your business does, and how you are the best service for them when they visit your website. So, this means that your web site needs to be up-to-date, display fresh content regularly, and offer something worthwhile. Video marketing is a great way to fill your website with fresh and interesting content – visit Explainly for some tips to help you explore this.

Your newsletter and Facebook Page are great ways to remind people you are in business and have something they might need. They are also great ways to spread the word about what you are doing. It is unrealistic to expect your stuff to “go viral,” but a client may have a friend who needs just what you have and will forward a link.

Throwing stuff online willy nilly is not the best way to promote your business, though. As with most things in life, consistency is important. If your clients sign up for your monthly newsletter, but you forget to send it half the time, what does that say? That you aren’t conscientious? That deadlines don’t mean much to you?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think most people are sitting around waiting on email newsletters. Actually, I think it’s quite the opposite: most people forget about you until they get that newsletter or see your post in a Facebook or Twitter stream. But maybe a past customer needs something you sell, they think of you, then think, “I haven’t seen a newsletter from her in ages! I wonder if she’s still in business?” That’s not good. No one should have to wonder if you are still in business.

As you add pieces to your marketing mix, ask yourself why you are doing so. If someone told you that you should be on Twitter, do a little research and decide for yourself it Twitter really will be a good way to reach your audience. Then, decide if you have the time to commit to really participating and if Twitter will fit in with your other marketing activities.

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