All That Stuff You Should Be Doing

For months, I’ve had several items lingering on my to-do list. All are things that I should certainly get around to doing, and all will most likely help me earn some money. None of them are things that I have any real reason to not do.

For instance, this site needs some widgets and plugins and such added. There is no contact form. The About page needs to be tinkered with and updated. There should be a “follow me on Twitter” option somewhere. There’s more, but you get the idea.

I specialize in writing email newsletters, and the newsletters I write get results for my clients. My average open rate is somewhere around 40%, and all of my clients’ subscriber lists are growing in healthy, organic fashion. But I do not have a newsletter for my own business.

It does no good at all to beat myself up for not doing these things (and a million more just as important), and so far, setting deadlines for myself hasn’t worked. Maybe it has to do with fear? Unacknowledged, unadmitted, silent fear. I don’t feel afraid, yet I’m also not getting this stuff done.

Do you put things you know would help your business on the back burner? One of my clients, running a healthy, growing business, had no marketing plan whatsoever. He was relieved to hire me because I talked about doing stuff he had been trying to get to for months. My suspicion is that this sort of thing happens to everyone.

Wouldn’t it be great to be generating enough income to hire someone to do all the little things your business needs but that you can’t seem to face doing? Maybe someday. But for now, I am going to challenge myself to complete at least a few of the niggling little tasks that won’t seem to go away…

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