Where To Go From Here

Smiling Tree Writing has grown slowly, by design. I have never wanted a big jump. I like to add a client or two, then make sure I can provide excellent service before adding anymore. This means that I tend to go through cycles of marketing and meetings followed by periods of frantic writing.

There will come a time when I can’t really take on any new clients without giving up something, and the cycles will slow. Either I will have to write faster and sacrifice some quality or I will have to spend more time working and less time doing other things. Even now, it’s becoming more difficult to be flexible.

There are still some businesses that I want to work for. Certain industries that could benefit from a carefully planned strategy, a well-written blog, or an informative monthly newsletter are on my radar. I would love to write for a small farmer, an antiques dealer and a veterinarian for example. I would make room in my schedule for people in any of those businesses simply because I am so certain what I do would work for them.

However, the time is quickly approaching that I will be forced to begin turning clients away or making hard decisions about how much time can be allocated to certain projects. As much as I have always looked forward to the time when I could pick and choose, the whole idea scares me a little. It has always confused me to hear people talk about fear of success but I think I’m beginning to understand.

It’s scary to think about actually reaching your goals. What will happen then? In my mind it’s like a long hike to a bluff. When you get there, what’s to keep you from falling off? Where can you possibly go once you reach the edge?

Of course those fears – like most fears – are silly. All along the way to reaching goals, most of us are seeing other things we would like to accomplish and setting new goals so that the “hike” never stops. You never reach that mythical bluff.

Sometimes, though, you glance up and see the edge of the horizon and you think “Yikes! I’m nearly there. What will it look like? How will I feel?” And maybe you feel a little thrill of fear or the dark edge of sadness because you have been so happy toiling along that path.

Have you ever felt a little worried because you were close to reaching a goal? Did you find later that it was a silly fear?

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