Embracing Change

Growing up, my family moved frequently. No one was in the military, it just took my folks awhile to decide where they wanted to settle down. By the eighth grade, I’d gone to something like 10 different schools. I learned to adapt, and adaptability has served me well.

Photo on 5-10-13 at 4.57 PM

dava – ready for new things!

In my professional life, I’ve adapted to many different working environments, from the classroom to retail establishments to office settings. Working from my living room for the last three years has been by far the most comfortable workplace! But, it is time for a change. Beginning on May 28, 2013, I will begin working full time as a writer for  Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology. Not many jobs would be worth exchanging my pajama pants for more traditional office garb, but I did not hesitate to take this one! In addition to writing articles, and editing some student-submitted articles, I will have some input on the social media policies and activities of Psi Chi.

So, what will become of Smiling Tree Writing, both the blog and the business?

As for the business, I will continue to serve the majority of my current clients, but become very selective about taking on new ones. The blog will continue very much as it always has – that is to say, sporadically and unpredictably. There is a strong likelihood the Independent Writing Series will be expanded, simply because the business of self-publishing fascinates me. I still firmly believe that we are witnessing a shift in how books are written and distributed that is as important as the invention of the printing press.

It seems that people all over are undertaking big changes recently. Friends in Phoenix, Boston, and Northern California have found jobs; new cars and new babies and new relationships seem to fill my Facebook feed. Maybe it’s just that I’m experiencing a change so notice these things more, or maybe there is a bigger shift going on. What do you think? Are you taking on new challenges lately?

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