Batman Cameos and SEO—and You

You and your partner are watching an old episode of Batman, and the iconic scene with Batman and Robin climbing up the side of a building comes on. Neither of you recognizes the famous person who sticks his head out the window and talks to them. 

How do you find out who it is? What words do you use to search for the person’s name? 

As with any problem, there are multiple solutions. Maybe you pause the show, find the title of the episode and Google that. Maybe you ask Alexa. Maybe you search “Batman cameos.”

The fact that there are so many different ways to arrive at the answer is the heart of SEO (search engine optimization). Whenever you create content for your audience, you want them to be able to find it. Whatever problem you solve, you need to know how people describe the problem and how they go about looking for a solution. 

It’s crowded out there. How do you find *exactly* what you’re looking for?

Four Pillars of Content Strategy
SEO is one part of a good content strategy, but it’s not more important than any other aspect of it, and is closely intertwined with all of the others. The four foundational aspects of content strategy include: 

Audience research:  Who are you talking to, exactly? What are their job titles, ages, and other demographic attributes? Where do they hang out online? Who are their friends? What kinds of hobbies do they have? How do they feel about you and your product or service? 

Content analysis: what do you have? What do people seek out? What do they interact with? Where do they come from? Could any of your content be repurposed? What are you missing? 

Competitor analysis: what do your competitors have? More importantly, what are they missing? What gaps exist that you could fill? 

SEO: what words do people use to search for answers or solutions that your service or product supplies? 

It’s really amazing to think about the fact that SEO as we know it has really only been around since 2007—less than 20 years. For companies working in cutting edge areas, like electrification, or energy efficiency, or the energy transition, among many others, SEO is crucial for several reasons. 

When a thing is new, people call it different things. Clean tech, green tech, climate tech are all essentially the same thing. Renewable energy, clean energy, green energy. 

What you call a thing depends largely on who you are, where you are, and what you’ve learned and from whom. In other words, understanding your audience makes a huge difference in knowing what keywords to include in any given piece of content. 

Creek? River? Stream? It depends.

Who to hire? 
If you’re looking at your content and wondering if you need to hire an SEO expert or a content strategist, and you’re just feeling overwhelmed with all of it, you may want to consider hiring a strategic consultant to help you work through just one challenge.

As a strategic consultant, I help clients figure out what to do, one step at a time. Maybe you’ve gotten mixed feedback from your customers and you’re not sure why. Or, perhaps the outreach that worked last year isn’t giving you the same results this year and you don’t know why. It could be that your newsletter readership is shrinking. 

Content strategy is essential for businesses who are using any kind of digital methods to reach their audiences. Even if you only have a website and a few online reviews, you have content—and an opportunity to use SEO so that your customers can find you.

Don’t let overwhelm and confusion prevent taking advantage of the opportunity a well-rounded content strategy can offer. Let’s get started with a strategic consulting session.

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