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As an expert in content, I provide numerous services to my clients. Here are few of the things you may need:


Blog posts. Articles. Infographics. LinkedIn posts. White papers. Ebooks.

You need to tell your organization's story, to educate, entertain, guide, and to demonstrate your expertise across numerous channels. Getting help from a professional content marketing writer who understand the challenges and has the skill and knowledge to meet them saves you time and money in the long run.

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Strategic Consulting

Do you have a specific content-related issue to solve? Maybe your blog isn't performing as expected, or your newsletter list appears to be shrinking rather than growing. Perhaps you're not seeing the conversions your team expects and needs.

Tracking down the underlying issues for these kinds of content problems can be time consuming, tedious, and difficult for an in-house team. That's when you might consider my strategic consulting services.

You may expect a strategic consultant to save you time and money, but you may be surprised by the insights and external expert brings to the table. You're in the middle of the forest, surrounded by all the trees. I'm standing on a nearby hill and have a wider view.

Here are some examples of situations where a strategic consultant can bring outsized value to your team:

Understanding audience behavior

What happens when someone visits your website? Do they click away almost immediately? Do they seem drawn to a particular page?

If you'd like a deeper understanding of the reasons behind how people behave when they visit your site, let's talk. I can dig into the analytics, headlines, keywords, and details to create a list of suggestions to help your audience take the actions that will further your business.

Preparing for a new campaign

If your team is prepping for something new, it's helpful to consider what existing assets can be updated, repurposed, or otherwise deployed to support a new campaign.

With the evolving use of AI, it's also crucial to make sure all of your marketing materials are clearly human. Originality is crucial and I can help you make your content has a tone and voice that reflects your brand but is also designed for humans.

Content analysis

Knowing what's working, what's not—and why—should inform your content strategy over time. It takes time, effort, and skill to dive into the weeds of content analysis. Having outside help provides a clear-eyed look at your content and how it's performing.

These three examples are only a small sampling of how you can benefit from working with a strategic consultant effectively to save money and improve your content marketing operations. Any time you have a thorny issue around your content strategy, it's worth a conversation to see if a few hours of consulting can solve it.

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Content Strategy 

A common problem in the content world is equating implementation with strategy. Implementation is one element of strategy, but not the whole thing. You may have an editorial calendar that covers your social media, blogs, and owned assets, but what is it based on? 

Carefully gathered and analyzed data is the key to making a content strategy work. Unless your implementation is backed by thorough audience research, SEO, content analysis, and competitor analysis, it may not support your goals. You likely need to be able to connect your results to KPIs or other organizational goals.

If you don't base your strategy on those business goals, how can you demonstrate that you're helping the organization fulfill its mission? 

You need more than an implementation calendar. You need the data that shows why your implementation calendar will work. And that's where an outside content strategist can help. 

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