Healthcare Information Technology

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Here, you’ll find case studies and articles I’ve written for various healthcare information technology (HIT) clients.

Writing about HIT requires an understanding of the importance of technology along with the complexity of the healthcare system. From policy to bedside, IT is part of healthcare and explaining your role in the vast labyrinth is fundamental.


  • This case study describes how Vizient worked with their client, Integris to intentionally align values between the organizations and build trust.

HIT – vizient_casestudy_integris


  • A ghostwritten blog post for Medecision about how care managers can improve outcomes and lower costs by using digital care management.

HIT – Improve Outcomes With Digital Care Management


  • This article on the public health issues related to vaping, particularly for adolescents was written as pre-conference coverage.

HIT – Vape_Dava


  • Article published ahead of a conference presentation about the pros and cons of managing obesity hypoventilation syndrome with continuous positive airway pressure.

HIT – Cpap_Dava


  • Ghostwritten article about the legislation known as EKRA and how it impacts salespeople for diagnostic labs are compensated.

HIT – addressing-ekra-sales-force-compensation-mandates-improve-both-compliance-and


  • Written before the pandemic, this article explores how pediatric departments used telepediatric programs to reach more patients.

HIT – Kids Are All Right


  • Blog post describing an important crisis model being implemented in Alaska in effort to provide support for people in crisis

HIT – HIE Provides Benefits at the Point of Care, According to Alaskan Providers


  • Feature article published in early 2021, when COVID variants were just beginning to be problematic.

HIT – COVID Variants Are Like “a Thief Changing Clothes” – and Our Camera System Barely Exists