On this page, you will find articles I have written for clients and as guest posts, as well as testimonials from happy customers. You may notice the wide variety in style and voice, as the pieces needed to adapt to the tone of various web sites and blogs. 

“I highly recommend Dava as a writer. We demand high quality for the content we provide to our clients and that’s what she gives – on time, with excellent deliverables. She knows the questions to ask and gets the right tone every time.When she turns something in, I know I won’t have to spend hours editing. High quality copywriters like Dava Stewart are a rare gem.” 

Jahnelle Pittman


Telemedicine Faces Off Against Chronic Disease

One area where technology is having a huge and unquestionably beneficial impact on healthcare is in the management of chronic disease. Telehealth has changed how some chronic diseases are managed, and this article in For the Record magazine delves into the specifics of how efficient telemedicine is in the management of three chronic conditions:


The Design that Matters Series for Not Impossible Now

Writing this series was heart-warming, uplifting, and every other kind of warm fuzzy feeling! It describes some specific projects by a design firm in Boston that is actively improving the lives of others. If you need a reminder of what wonderful things people can do, give it a read!

The first article describes how Design that Matters created an award-winning incubator that was never manufactured, distributed, or used:

The second article in the series describes Design that Matters’ first big win, a microfilm projector designed to be used in literacy programs in developing nations:

Next, Design that Matters applied everything they learned with the NeoNuture Incubator and applied it to create the Firefly, a device that saves babies’ lives:

The final piece in the series describes the next big project Design that Matters is tackling: Infant mortality due to pneumonia: (Chiropractic Economics) provides information and resources for doctors of chiropractic. Their resource centers focus on niche areas within the industry, such as electronic health records and practice management, business tips and best practices, laser therapy, instrumentation, and more. For the last two years, I’ve been writing about EHRs, regulations, incentives, software certification, and other technology-related topics. The articles are short, but informative. Several are linked below:


Massage Magazine and the print publication Massage Magazine provide resources and information for professional massage therapists. I have written articles on business partnerships, home study professional development courses, massage creams, and various modalities that have been published both online and in print.


Apes and Their Future in Comparative Research: A conversation with Dr. Duane Rumbaugh

The following link will take you to an article written for Eye On Psi Chi, a publication by the International Honor Society for Psychology. It was a pleasure to both read Dr. Rumbaugh’s work, as well as interview him.


“Dava’s efforts helped me jumpstart my latest book, Talk Tips by Vincent Phipps.  What I thought was a B+, Dava kindly showed me why it was a C- at best. Through professional explanation, patience, and constructive feedback, we turned the project into an A+! Originally I was going to write a 4 book series.  Dava discovered the flow was inconsistent with the content. After face to face meetings, phone conferences, and emails, Dava found a way to keep the quality of my content but reduce the verbiage.  This will make a better overall learning experience for my readers. Throughout the process Dava was punctual, responsible, professional, and most importantly, effective. I am a professional speaker but not a professional writer. I assumed that I will be standing next to my reader and coaching them on leadership and presentation techniques.   lot that was in my head was not in the book. Dava helped me to put my techniques on paper in a clear and easy to follow format.” 

Vincent Ivan Phipps


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