Strategic Content, Excellent Results

Just like Sisyphus had to keep pushing that stone up the hill again and again, you and your team have to keep feeding the content machine. 

Unlike Sisyphus, though, you can pause and make sure you’re actually accomplishing your goals, and I can help. Understanding your audience, what they need, how they search for it, and what they find when they do is crucial. I can help you with those things through strategic consulting or by creating a content strategy supported by foundational research.

If you already have a plan in place, you need a steady flow of content in order to successfully implement it. I can help with that, too. My experience in writing for healthcare technology companies, B2B tech companies, and about climate technology means that you get polished, readable copy in your brand voice, delivered on time.

No one has time for a writer who argues about every revision request, or who demands an extension on every deadline. When we work together, you get professionalism, courtesy, good communication, and maybe even a joke or two. In other words, you get top-notch content from someone who is pleasant to work with. 

Here are a few of the skills I bring to every project: 

Insightful interviews 

More than one editor has said, “you ask really good questions,” and I genuinely enjoy talking to subject matter experts. If you need to bridge the gap between experts and laypeople, you need an excellent interviewer. 

Deep dive research 

Rabbit holes are my natural habitat, and I love digging deep on all sorts of topics. Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and a writer who understands context can better address any topic. 

Creative connections 

Analogies are one of my favorite ways to help people navigate complicated topics. I love to use themes to tell brand stories. Metaphors, similes, all those nerdy English language things are my favorite communication tools. The right storytelling tools make for content that holds your readers’ attention.

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