The Long, Slow Grind

You just have to continue to create and publish and put stuff out there–solid, interesting, entertaining stuff. Do the interviews, write the excellent headlines, put out the infographics, share the videos. Put yourself on a schedule, make good stuff, and keep doing it week after week.

The Comedy Content Connection

“It took me a long time to find my audience … but I always knew they were out there,” comedian Leanne Morgan told NPR in an interview.  This quote made me stop and think. I’d never really considered the audience problem from the perspective of a comedian. Comedians are often described as “polarizing” but maybe it’s only a question of …

Defining Yourself

Defining yourself can feel like a sticky business, but times of upheaval sometimes require it.


Changing Goals

TL;DR:  Goals can be related to all sorts of things:  -Income -Time or vacation -Flexibility -Professional development/skills When you hear the phrase “business is slow” what do you think? Or, more to the point, if your own business is slow, how do you feel? Whether you’re a small business owner or you have a more traditional position, knowing that things …