Hot Water and a Content Strategy

To create a good content strategy, you need a careful plan, just like you need home renovation plans before things break.

Batman Cameos and SEO—and You

You and your partner are watching an old episode of Batman, and the iconic scene with Batman and Robin climbing up the side of a building comes on. Neither of you recognizes the famous person who sticks his head out the window and talks to them.  How do you find out who it is? What words do you use to …

The Content Breakdown

You should probably update the basic principles underlying your content strategy more often than you update your personal style. The world of content is changing, and those changes are coming fast. Between the ease of use and wide availability of tools like ChatGPT and companies like Google changing how sites are indexed, algorithm changes on platforms like LinkedIn, and changes …

The Long, Slow Grind

You just have to continue to create and publish and put stuff out there–solid, interesting, entertaining stuff. Do the interviews, write the excellent headlines, put out the infographics, share the videos. Put yourself on a schedule, make good stuff, and keep doing it week after week.

The Comedy Content Connection

“It took me a long time to find my audience … but I always knew they were out there,” comedian Leanne Morgan told NPR in an interview.  This quote made me stop and think. I’d never really considered the audience problem from the perspective of a comedian. Comedians are often described as “polarizing” but maybe it’s only a question of …